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The deep sensuous bays of Raja Ampat's Misool are maybe the worlds most "wow" anchorages.
Judge for yourself*

This is a little compilation of BIGKANU's favorite hangouts in Raja Ampat. The first shots include the entrance anchorage at Alyui bay, and there are shots inside the Wayag lagoon and at the lovely little Friwen Island. Its realy is a magic place, and these raw and unmodified home vids show it just how it is.*

Bigkanu can slide through the shallow 1200m passage between Waigeo and Gam. Not many liveaboards have the shallow draft needed. Its also a great place to snorkel and freedive as the high flow through promotes growth of some very weird coral and some sporting fish that shoot water droplets at their prey in the branches. Its a weird thing...coral in a river inside a jungle? WTF?

Raja Ampat is a natural beauty overload. Its maybe the world's most, "OMG" location. So to turn up the volume on the imagery, we simply saved this little BIGKANU video in 4 overlapping kaleidoscopic screens.

Take a quick 'trip' through the psychedelic beauty of Raja Ampat. Departs mosts Sundays...but you may well, never return. We never did.

Take a and a wonderful world will open up, the likes of which you will not have seen before.
This vid shows Bigkanu in amougst the limestone karst islands of Kabui Bay, and inside the Wayag lagoon. This boat trip departs most weeks with varying tour guide hosts and so judge for yourself if its worth flying in to see it for yourself.*

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Every boat needs a home port, and in Raja Ampat we have Bigkanu base located at small island called Friwen, complete with 20 homes and 2 Lutheran churches.
Friwen has a spectacular little beach, with some mega-trees overhanging the sand and coral making for some fun swing action.
Its also a great all weather anchorage, that is close to Waisai, and at the entrance to Dampier Straight, so many boats stop over for a coffee and a swim. The island leaders and the small community are lovely people, Papuan Indonesia in a traditional Melanesia style.
These people are our neighbours and friends, and we live alone with this community. They are our inspiration for living in happy and chilled out way, teaching us everyday that its not all about money that matters ...there are simpler more lovely ways to live than in a city. There are a 2 great homestays on Friwen if you want to drop out for a few glorious weeks....or years...
We invite friends and contibutors to join in our little Crusoe building project here in 2019, and we hope oneday to build a fun and generous community of long stay visitors and yachties.

The pull-awayshots in this vid of Raja Ampat's Misool show just how "wow" this Misool can get.

Raja Ampat's Misool has some spectacular bays and here is a sample of one of BIGKANU's favourites.

Raja Ampat's Wayag lagoons and beautiful anchorages feature in this short video, and for freedivers, swimmers and snorkelers, the vistas in the top few meters of this, the richest biodiverse community on earth, are totally absorbing.
The vid covers tge usual spots tge Bigkanu visits every few weeks.

Raja Ampat is an ancient eroded limestone sculpture where millions of years has "melted" the rocks into shapes, weidrer than the most nutso geology. Icing this cake with a biodiversity of plants and sea life as weird as their geology, makes for one of the most trippy places on earth. Its like God saved the best for last.
At that moment in history when the world wakes up to what it could soon loose to human interference, news of what exists in Raja Ampat is leaking out.
And Raja Ampat is maybe the best reason on earth, for humanity to appreciate what it's got,before its gone. Its also odds on, that Raja Ampat will be the longest to survive reef degradation occuring elsewhere, so be sure to see it before you die.